Get cash for
your garage door company.

Get a cash offer for
your garage door

We buy garage door companies for cash. Get peace of mind in challenging times.

    Why Sell Your
    Garage Door Company

    • Not enough time
    • Community lacks garage doors
    • Retiring
    • Online space too competition
    • Bad Health
    • Under pressure / stress
    • Too much overhead
    • Bored, and moving on
    • Not enough business
    • Not enough cash flow
    • Cashing Out

    How The Process Works

    Step One


    We are here to listen and learn about your company. We will assist you in every step of the way.

    Step Two


    We will thoroughly evaluate your company and determine the net worth. We will give you a risk free offer generally at 1 – 5 times on past earnings.

    Step Three


    After the valuation process, and meeting with your company and a agreed upon price we will issue a check & go over the future goals and process of the acquisition.

    We Buy Your
    Garage Door
    Find Out How Much Your Company is Worth.

      Relief is just right around the corner.

      Why we buy your garage door company

      We strive to be successful and we can’t do it alone. With a strong proceeding team, we can accomplish more together. We are helping other companies at the same time with their business needs. Bottom line, we want our company to grow along with yours.


      Luke – Door Tech

      I was 27 making six figures running my own garage door business. Things were great! So why did I sell? I started in the garage door business in 2002 when I was 20 years old. At the time I was bar tending at night and going to college during the day. My best friends brother owned a garage door company in Peoria, AZ and offered me a job. He said you can make more money doing this that going to college. Let’s just say he had my attention. I made the switch later that year. I continued to go to college two days a week and worked the other 5. When I started at Door Doctor, they had two employees.

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