What we do

We are a garage door company just like you. The only difference might be that we have been in business since 2005, and since then we have grown into a huge marketing power house. We are able to expand and adapt to rapid changing environments. We are seeking garage door companies to purchase for cash and to join our growth team. Our company manages all marketing aspects, call center job bookings.. and much more. We are currently in 10 Markets nation wide and we are growing city by city and state by state.

Why we focus on training

We have assembled the best team in the industry to take on and accept any challenge given to them. We have the best thorough training team and training center in the industry! We invest in our employees and give them the training and the tools they need to complete their tasks, from techs to accounting.

How we work

In each of our markets we have assembled a team of market managers to asses the over sight of their respected market and monitor the changing challenges that each market faces. Our market manages work will closely and remotely with our marketing department to monitor reports and pitch new campaigns. We have an excellent benefit package for market managers to earn commission and bonuses. Taking care of our employees is one our priorities.

How do I sell my garage door company

Easy. Just contact us to get started. We are giving FREE company evaluations, so why not find out how much your company is worth. So, then what’s next? After the acquisition we’ll offer you a position within our company as your very own market manager with amazing benefits. What’s the catch? None, we want to make it a simple and easy transition and we will train you through the whole way. We will work together in getting your company off it’s feet and excelling it in the right path of success.

Let Us Help

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