Yes! We Are Buying, Garage Door Companies.

Yes, hello there… as can you see we are buying garage door companies. Why? You might ask. We are glad you asked. We want to elevate and expand our market share all while bringing you on board with us. We are offering the relief you might be seeking with the tools and strategy you need to growing and scaling your company. With our help and yours we can accomplish more together.

Our long term business model is planned and set up in a way that allows us to scale up businesses with our unique platform strategy and to manage today’s businesses, marketing, payroll, job orders, with task managing and such.

We acquire garage door companies to help each other become a stronger, growing powerhouse in the rapid competitive market span.

We Need Your Help!

We are reaching new limits with our expansion and we will need your help as a market specialist manager. Your tasks which, if you accept, will be smaller and simpler. You’ll help us with market insights, inventory, hiring, and even market awareness are somethings to expect.

Tools At Your Reach.

  1. Call Center
  2. Marketing
  3. Accounting
  4. Scheduling
  5. Task Tracking
  6. Branding
  7. A Huge Expanding Team

Increase Your Reputation

Building and increasing a positive reputation is a high priority of ours. We build trust, long term partnerships, and long term customers. The tools we use will allow us to custom cater to our customers wants and needs. We give customers a better experience by providing them with excellent service and utilizing all the tools at our exposure. Using customer service along side with our platform of tools you will be on the right path of growing your reputation.

What Are The Requirements?

There are slight requirements you’ll need to meet before we consider buying your company with cash and placing you in a market manager position.

  • Five years in operating experience
  • Last two years of recorded income
  • Have at least 5 employees
  • A business licence
  • Minimal Dept

What do you benefit from selling your company?

Start off with a new role in your new evolving company. Along with that we have a benefit package that includes health and dental with a steady income. Check out some of the benefits below.

  • CASH
  • A New Fresh Start
  • Steady Job Income
  • Less Overhead
  • Less Stress
  • And A Much, Much, BIGGER Team That Is On Your Side!

Are You Ready For Your Free Evaluation & Cash Offer?

We’ve put together a check list together to help you.


Are you struggling to to pay your bills and keep up with payroll?
Do your assets out weigh your sells?
Loss in bookings and phone calls?
Marketing strategy is failing / or none at all?
Online presence is too small and competitive?
Running out of options?
Too many loans to keep up with?
Company lacks training / experience?
Is your company unbelievably profitable and you want to cash out now?
Missing growth opportunities and plan?

If any of the above mentioning’s should apply, then you are in the market to sell your company and you are at the right place.

Let Us Help

Find Out Much Your Company Is Worth