Are you deciding on whether to sell your company or where to look for a buyer?

How to decide if selling your company is right.

Selling your company can be a tough and a challenging decision you may ever do, well, other than if you have ever asked someone to marring you. One might feel attached and committed to the one thing they’ve built up, that’s right.. I’m talking about your garage door company, but the over weight and sight of the company itself and the unplanned responsibility maybe a common challenging problem for some owners to take on. The commitment and time it takes to keep a company running, profitable, and along with growth can consume a ton of energy and time to put forth the commitment it takes in doing so. We’ve put together a simple process that is painless, easy, and gives you back your time and day with you still earning money.

List of 7 Common Reasons Owners Sell Their Company

We’ve put together a common list of 7 reasons someone is looking to sell their company. But first, beyond that list, the more challenge question is: What should you do if you are about to default? Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? Is a lawyer required, and what are the required steps in filing for bankruptcy properly? The other unknown thing to think about is how long will it take to sell and dilute your assets. What assets are we mentioning you are asking yourself? Assets are anything of value you have in your possession. Assets can include:
Work vehicles, computers, garage door inventory, garage door parts, your rented space, or even intellectual property.

Here are the 7 Common reasons individuals sell their company.

  1. Bad Health
  2. Fatigue
  3. Boredom
  4. Failing
  5. Retirement
  6. Family issues
  7. Increasing competition

Your Fast & Easy Way Out

Here is your fast and easy way out without the need for bankruptcy lawyers or finding buyers for your assets, and keeping your workers hard at work. We will give you a free cash offer (Risk & Pressure Free), and give you a choice to becoming a market manager of your territory and making a steady income!. We will help you by taking on the challenging areas of maintaining and running the day to day business task. Such as the competitive online marketing as well as all aspects of marketing, call center bookings and scheduling out bound jobs.

What do you have to gain?

If you are curious about what your company is worth, then you are in the right place. We will give you a free cash offer evaluation risk and pressure free!
What does your company get out of it?

  • FREE Marketing
  • FREE Call Center
  • FREE Scheduling
  • Best Of All – A Strong Partnership.

What do you benefit from selling your company?

Start off with a new role in your new evolving company. Along with that we have a benefit package that includes health and dental with a steady income. Check out some of the benefits below.

  • CASH
  • A New Fresh Start
  • Steady Job Income
  • Less Overhead
  • Less Stress
  • And A Much, Much, BIGGER Team That Is On Your Side!

Are You Ready For Your Free Evaluation & Cash Offer?

We’ve put together a check list together to help you.


Are you struggling to to pay your bills and keep up with payroll?
Do your assets out weigh your sells?
Loss in bookings and phone calls?
Marketing strategy is failing / or none at all?
Online presence is too small and competitive?
Running out of options?
Too many loans to keep up with?
Company lacks training / experience?
Is your company unbelievably profitable and you want to cash out now?
Missing growth opportunities and plan?

If any of the above mentioning’s apply, then you are in the market to sell your company and you are at the right place.

Let Us Help

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